Diaper Need Awareness Week is in September and we can help!

Renovar will be 1 of the 38 partnerships committed to a diaper drive for WeeCycle. Please drop off diapers and or baby gear you are ready to get rid of, or contact us to arrange a pickup.

Diapers and baby gear will be dropped off to WeeCycle in September. Donations will be accepted at the Renovar office.

2401 S. Downing St.
Denver, CO 80210

Donations will also be accepted at any of these drop off locations.


Information from WeeCycle:

In Colorado, the average monthly supply of diapers costs approximately $80. For many of us, that’s not only an expense we can afford, but one we hardly consider when we’re shopping for groceries or grabbing a morning cup of coffee. A family of four in Colorado who is living at the poverty level (federally defined as earning at or below $24,000 annually), however, spends upwards of 10% of their income on diapers! Families are forced to allocate money for diapers among other necessary expenses, such as food or household bills. It becomes a choice between cleanliness and hygiene, versus basic nutrition and running water.

Currently, temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) is the only federal program that provides families with funding to spend on diapers (programs like food stamps and WIC do not allow funds to be used to purchase diapers). For a family comprised of one parent and two children, the maximum benefit they can receive from TANF (in Colorado) is $462. While that may sound like enough to cover diapers, it must also cover expenses such as rent, clothing, transportation, heating, electricity, water bills, among others. Factor in that both children in the family may be in diapers, and TANF doesn’t go nearly far enough. Without enough money for diapers, 8% of families report reusing dirty diapers — exposing their children to health risks and rashes because they need to eat.

The families that WeeCycle serves are the same families grappling with these impossible decisions. Without diapers, babies cannot attend daycare, without daycare parents cannot return to work, and thus the cycle continues.

September 25, 2017, marks the beginning of Diaper Need Awareness Week. This is an initiative geared toward raising awareness around the insufficient supply of diapers for low-income families, as well as mobilizing and connecting those who can help, with those that need help. WeeCycle has successfully fostered this connection in the past, and aims to do so as a part of this initiative. We have been incredibly fortunate to acquire 38 partner organizations in our community, and want to honor them by organizing at least 38 diaper drives throughout Colorado as a part of Diaper Need Awareness Week.

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